Feeling Like Things are
Out of Control?

“I know how you feel, which is why I'll be at
your side, each step of the process,
finding a quick and successful solution.”

Typical Problems Related to a Crisis
Loss of Reputation
When a person loses, or is about to lose, his reputation, feelings of regret, hopelessness and embarrassment surround his life. It is of the utmost importance to be prepared to limit these feelings.
Loss of Time
Not being fully prepared for a crisis will consume all of your time, taking the true focus away from your mission. This could lead to a loss of business, social capital and authority in your corporation, political affairs and life.
Loss of Business
A crisis can lead to unimaginable implications, and a single event can damage a major brand if not handled correctly. A textbook example of how not to handle a crisis is British Petroleum's Deepwater Horizon oil spill, costing $18.7 billion.
Our Tactical Crisis Solutions

Not Having a Plan Could be the Worst Plan of All!

"Feeling a Sense of Security"

As a client of ICMC Group, you will have a sense of security
that the crisis is being handled the best possible way.

"Feeling that someone is always on your side"

One of the missions of ICMC Group is to ensure that
all clients get individual attention and
feel they always have a partner before,
during and after a crisis.

Taking the worrying
out of crisis”

With a tailored response to the client's specific crisis, the client feels more in control of their destiny, alleviating the stress and worry that comes along with a crisis.
Our Leadership

Our Tactical Crisis Leader

Meet Keith Singer
Keith Singer is the CEO & founder of Imprimis Crisis Management Consulting (ICMC) Group. Keith is a retired NYPD Commanding Officer with over 20 years of experience dealing with sensitive, high profile and complicated crisis situations. During the course of Keith's career and life, he has handled multiple crises, not only as a law enforcement supervisor, but also in his personal life.  Keith and his wife had twin boys born 4 months premature. Throughout the ordeal, Keith and his wife were confronted with many difficult decisions, sometimes leading to a feeling of hopelessness, despair and loss of control. Keith realized that when going through a personal crisis, one's thought process is different. The level of stress one may have changes their ability to consistently make the best decisions. It was then that Keith realized he wanted to help others to approach an crisis in an objective and methodical manner before the crisis reaches a boiling point.

Board of Advisors for The Counterterrorism Institute, Inc.

Meet Our Team

Our Tactical Crisis Team

Caitlin Rourk
PR & Communications

Caitlin Rourk of Dynamis Strategies is a communication consultant with a highly specialized skillset focused on strategy and positioning, and provides ICMC Group crisis communications and media relations support.
Kyle Zamcheck
Speech Coach

Kyle Zamcheck of The Speech Improvement Company works with ICMC Group to provide public speaking coaching, communication, presentation techniques, vocal techniques, and overcoming the fear of speaking.
Aaron Jannetti
Defensive Firearms Coach

Aaron Jannetti of Endeavor Defense and Fitness is an expert in defensive firearms and tactics and works with ICMC Group to provide Defensive Firearms Training and Active Shooter Training courses.
Robert Gibbons
Investigative Consultant

Robert Gibbons of Secure Advantage Consulting works with ICMC Group to provide highly trained and certified professionals, such as private investigators, law enforcement, and security.

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